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Champaign Il,  61820 
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As a self-taught and self-employed artist, I have over 20 years of experience working in the arts, 20 years in the Southwest (San Antonio, TX) and four years in the Midwest (Champaign, IL). The name of my studio is “Trey Coppland Art and Design,” and I create custom art pieces for clients across the US and Mexico.

My art is abstract with a modern industrial emphasis, & I specialize in custom works of art. I like to use bold bright colors on a large scale platform. As a minimalist, I like wide open spaces, clean lines. In my opinion, that old saying “Less is More” happens to be true. Just look at loft and warehouse designs–a focus in today’s urban living.

I have a passion for a broad spectrum  of art and design, and collect Street Art, Graffiti Art, Photography & Digital Art in this website you can find many Examples of Abstracts by Famous Abstracts Artists Just take look & enjoy.




Abstract Art by Trey Coppland





Abstract Art by Trey Coppland


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