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Interview with Adam Ivy – Google Plus Arts


Adam Ivy :


With over 20 years of experience as as a self taught artist,


Trey Coppland has managed to create quite an extensive catalog ranging


from…street art to photography, but finds its home primarily in abstract


impressionist paintings.



He’s worked with clientele that includes businesses, charities, and individual


clients ranging from the U.S. to Mexico. Now as impressive as that and his


artwork is,

I personally believe the biggest highlight is the fact that he has achieved all of


this in spite of the daily challenges he faces from learning disabilities which


make him painfully shy!


Truly a testament to the power of both human will and artistic expression.



I hope you enjoy this interview with  Trey Coppland and feel free to leave a


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Abstract Painting Artist  Trey Coppland

Adam Ivy:


First thing I notice about your work is its vibrancy.


What makes you gravitate to creating with such bold color?

Trey Coppland:


I am a huge fan of color, color can change a mood a feeling and create a


positive energy in everything. Art and Interior Design.


Color is much bigger than we give it credit for sometimes.

Adam Ivy:


I’ve known some artists that speak on color serving as a form of therapy.


Obviously it’s a huge part of your work, but can you talk about its level of


importance in your life and how you view the world?


Trey Coppland:


I learned at a very early age about color.


I did not have the best childhood and some of my experiences left deep scars.


I went through stages of how color affected my moods.


I did the whole, ‘I want my house in all dark colors;’ and then to wanting my


home in all white colors.


I found that having dark colors made my moods darker, and having white


color mixed with bright to almost neon colors in the art for my walls, using


the bright color as accents- that my moods were up, and I was a happier




Adam Ivy:


"When you get into having 1000 definitions, you lose the point of art." – Trey




How to find your art style seems like a common question among beginning




What advice can you give for taking natural interest/ talent and turning it into


a developed style?


Trey Coppland:


I am not sure if that would be a good question for me, lol….. my art goes all


over the mediums of art…. I love drawing, I love watercolors, I love painting


and something new I am into is mixed media.


Not knocking any ones art but if you look at a lot of pages or portfolios


everything looks the same after I while and I don’t want that label of , ” oh he


is this or that style” I like to keep people wondering who’s art is that…. ??


Adam Ivy:


Speaking of style, the way you blend colors and brushstrokes is definitely one


of a kind!


How do you describe your style?


Trey Coppland:


Depending on my mood you can read my art if you know me pretty well……


I can work with soft strokes and you know I am in a good place, if you art


and paint are all over the place and on me and my studio walls and floor ,


well ya know my day is not going that great….  But to define me,


I think I would have to say abstract because it


does have such a wide area to work under…



Adam Ivy:


How do you define abstract and what is it about abstract art that makes it your


primary avenue?



Trey Coppland:


Abstract can be some many things, and I will probably get kicked off of


LinkedIn for saying this but… anything to me that is not defined or does not


have a 100% meaning orstyle behind it, or something you are 100% sure of


can be under abstract in my book.


Everyone does not say that or look at art that way but, when you get into


having 1000 definitions you lose the point of art.


Art is art and it comes from the soul of your body! Painting, digital, drawing,


mixed media, photography its all art.



Let’s just be happy with that and all get along and respect the fact you created


something beautiful today.



Adam Ivy:


What do you see when you look at a blank canvas?



Trey Coppland:


When I see a blank canvas I see joy, because I know I can work for hours


expressing my feelings and letting it all out, and that is the best therapy and


medication possible…. lots of color… !!


Adam Ivy:


For those who may have seen your work but never interacted with you; or for


those that would never have a chance to even see the face behind the art, what


would you hope for them to sense about you through the work?



Trey Coppland:


That I am a person with a huge heart and see love and beauty in everything.


Everyone is gifted and has talent, you just have to find it. It’s not easy for


most people, but keep looking and you will find it; and once you do …. You


will be the happiest person on this earth!


Adam Ivy:


What’s next for you Sir Coppland?


Trey Coppland:


Living creating and being as happy as I can be with what I have…. And of


course working in my studio everyday creating something everyday to make


me smile…

















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