Famous Abstract Artists

The Most Famous Abstract Artists

Abstract art is defined traditionally as pieces which are not representing objects realistically, but will rely instead on form and colors. This type of artwork is actually post World War II American movement that started during the forties. As a matter of fact, some argue that this is the oldest art movement on Earth because the cave drawings had been abstracted descriptions of daily life. If you are familiar with this type of art, then keep reading to know about some of the most famous abstract artists worldwide.
When you talk about abstract art, three names are always featured heavily – Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko.
Let’s start with Jackson Pollock who was a painter from America. Pollock is not just one of the famous abstract artists, as many believe that he played a significant part in bringing the abstract expressionist movement into the art world. In the mid-forties, he was best-known for his abstract style of artwork. To create this unique style, he used sticks, trowels or knives instead of the traditional paint brush to add more depth to images. In 1947, Pollock was using the drip & splash art style that allowed him to become a major celebrity who was featured in magazines. Pollock became a household name from this exposure. The paintings of Jackson Pollock are some of the most thrilling and recognizable images which were produced during the twentieth century.
After Pollock, Willem de Kooning who is a Dutch American artist was the most celebrated and prominent abstract expressionist artist. Even though he was one of the most famous abstract artists, de Kooning produced a number of works which depict the human figure, especially women. He is known for working impulsively without using any preparatory studies, to produce artworks which can have an exhilarating impact on viewers. The pictures that he produced epitomize






Abstract Art by Trey Coppland